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Bringing Back V

I always thought that V had a lot of potential that was sadly underused, particularly with the terrible V TV series. In some ways from the beginning, V was a great premise undermined by shlocky execution and a ridiculous ending. I’ve always thought that V would make a great motion picture headlined by say Harrison Ford and portraying the reality of alien occupation in a gutwrenching way that Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds could only begin to touch on, minus Tom Cruise.

Anyway there’s talk of a V project on TV, odds are that it will be something cheap and dirty for the SciFi Channel shot in Vancouver, so I can’t say I have any real hope. I’d also like to see a Resistance Fall of Man miniseries but really what are the odds of that anyway?

Obviously there’s a brain dead analogy to do via America and Iraq and considering how tone deaf Battlestar Galactica’s New Caprica storyline was, I have every confidence they will botch it. Of course even the original V actually ran an analogy with CIA intervention in Latin America but that was weak at best.

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