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Breaking In Pilot Review

Breaking In could be entertaining, but it echoes its star’s previous turn on Reaper too closely without the same symmetry. Once again he’s a man child whose life is hijacked by a supremely cool substitute father figure who thrusts him into an adult role playing on a next level battlefield, lusting for the girl he can’t have for some reason and forcing him to grow up at the same time. But as cool as Christian Slater is, he lacks the satanic glee that Ray Wise brought to the part in Reaper.

Breaking In tosses in too many characters, all of whom are extreme in a way that can only be lifted from studio notes. There’s too much energy in the room and none of it goes anywhere. Three co-workers, beginning with his boss, bully and humiliate Cameron. Even when his crush’s boyfriend shows up in the form of Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum, it’s more of the same.

Breaking In has to try so hard, because when you subtract the characters, it’s not original at all. This show has been made over and over again and the producers are relying on the character dynamic to pay off. There are good things about it. Christian Slater finally gets to play the character he should have been playing all along. And I would love to see the show be about him, instead of wading through another sad sack performance by Bret Harrison.

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