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Box Office Roundup Oct 19-21 Weekend

The generally family friendly box office that brought The Game Plan to the top shifts as 30 Days of Night takes the top spot with a so-so 16 million. Lots of gore but still not nearly as horrific to sit through as The Game Plan, let alone Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married, which clock in respectively in the 3rd and 2nd spots with 8 and 12 million for totals of 70 and 38 million dollars. At some point you mind is forced to confront the fact that The Game Plan has made nearly 70 million dollars and then it reels and rebels and then you contemplate the possibilities of The Game Plan passing 100 million, virtually insuring a sequel and you go stark raving mad.

Michael Clayton scored 7 million on the strength of the fact that it was the closest thing to an intelligent alternative for adults closing with a 22 million total. This pretty much continues the trend of weak box office for George Clooney movies when he isn’t robbing casinos.

Ben Affleck’s directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, opened with a weak 6 million, suggesting that Affleck’s attempt to transform himself from failed actor to failed director is now complete. The Comebacks, a movie dropped silently into the pool, still pulled in 6 million in 6th place. We Own the Night finished below it with 5 million for a 20 million total. Weak.

Rendition, the movie for people who clip out New York Times editorials, opened with a pitiful 4 million in 9th place, just barely managing to even enter into the top 10. An even more reviled movie, The Heartbreak Kid, occupies 10th place with 4 million. Elizabeth the Golden Age slipped sadly out of the top 10 altogether with 3.1 million for an 11 million total, ensuring this will not be a trilogy. Across the Universe has similarly vanished off the cinematic radar.

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