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Bored to Death is Unsurprisingly Boring

When you name your show Bored to Death, you’ve either given up trying to promote it or you’re Jonathan Ames. In this case Bored to Death delivers exactly what you might expect, boredom. Starring Rushmore’s Jason Schwartzman, Bored to Death could be mistaken for a Wes Anderson movie, a really bad Wes Anderson movie. The running gag has Schwartzman, as a listless Jonathan Ames sinking deep into self-pity, drinking lots of white wine, smoking pot and deciding to advertise himself as a private detective on Craigslist. If you think the latter has the makings of an exciting story, you’re wrong. You’re not wrong that it has the makings of an exciting story, because it does. You’re wrong because Bored to Death can’t deliver on that premise or on anything else. If you really enjoy the thought of a morose self-effacing and generally pathetic Jason Schwartzman getting talked at by various slightly more interesting characters, the best of which is his dope and Viagra addicted editor played by Ted Danson, while he tries to interject something that would make most reasonable people want to punch him in the fact, then Bored to Death is perfect for you. Just leave your wristwatch at home and stock up on the caffeine.

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