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Blu-Ray vs Downloads

A lot of tech pundits are busy predicting that Sony’s real competition after the demise of Blu-Ray will be digital downloads. It’s a cute idea in theory and probably true down the road, but it’s worth noting that despite the feasibility of software digital downloads, online download software sales haven’t even come close to touching store software sales. This is despite the fact that a lot of commercial software is actually small enough for an easy download. By contrast a Blu-Ray disc can theoretically store somewhere in the 25 gigabyte range. Even a 10 gigabyte high definition movie download would take a good deal of time for anyone without a T1 line. Maybe when the fabled Internet 2 comes around with speeds that can let you download a 100 gigabytes a second, this whole discussion will be moot. But on the other hand internet 2 these days seems more futuristic than nanotech and with Time Warner introducing limited bandwidth, even watching online video seems up in the air.

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