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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Slapfight Goes On

Okay so now BluRay is declaring victory in the great and useless format wars to determine which next generation DVD replacement player Americans won’t buy.

Or rather which next generation DVD replacement player Americans will not buy the least. Or something like that.

Toshiba and Sony have already squandered any realistic chance for a massive adoption of their format through their pathetic squabbling that left people with two choices. At this point the widest platform for the adoption of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray is the XBOX 360 and the PS3. From this point on all they can do is squabble over how little of a slice of the market they have relative to their opponents.

There is no declaring victory here, except in the way you can declare victory over defeating Lichtenstein. Both sides have lost. The rest is just details.

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