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Don’t Blame Ridley Scott for Prometheus, Blame Damon Lindelof

Ridley Scott did his job by making Prometheus look like it broke out of a late night exhibition of futuristic clothing at the mall. It was shiny, it Prometheus film posterglowed in all the right places, glowered in all the other ones. It was shiny and dark and creepy at the same time.

But Ridley Scott did not write the script for this disaster. Directors do have some clout and Prometheus, a prequel to Alien, got its charge from Ridley Scott’s credentials on Alien. But Ridley Scott has also been coming off a string of failures, most of them Russell Crowe related. He’s old in a town that values youth. And he’s not turning to prequels and sequels because his career is on a high note.

If you want to blame someone for Prometheus, blame Damon Lindelof.

Who knew the guy from Lost, who completely blew its mythology while making it clear that he didn’t give a damn, would do the same thing to Prometheus. And suckers who tried to carve out theories for Lost are doing the same thing for Prometheus even when they should know by now that Damon Lindelof is not into writing things that are supposed to make any sense.

If you loved the Lost finale, then you’ll love Prometheus. Or how about Cowboys and Aliens. Damon Lindelof didn’t write J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, that was the guys from Transformers, Orci and Kurtzman, but he was the producer, so his decisions obviously played a role in shaping what the movie became.

For Ridley Scott, Prometheus was a paying gig. I’m not going to comment much on the Jon Spaihts screenplay, which has been reviewed before. But Spaiths has a good reputation. Lindelof is a hack, who reviewed the script and wanted to dramatically rework it. Mission accomplished.

If you want to blame anyone for Prometheus, direct the blame where it belongs. To Damon Lindelof.

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