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Bioware’s Over the Top Dragon Age and Mass Effect Marketing

The blood smear and Manson songs on the Dragon Age trailer and the Bitch, Mass Effect trailer are getting their share of ridicule, and well earned too. Some of the blame can probably be handed to EA, but this kind of marketing becomes the default when Sony rolls out dead goats and EA itself managed to plumb the depths in promoting Dante’s Inferno by creating a contest for sexually harassing booth babes and staging fake protests. Considering the EA corporate culture this really isn’t a shock. EA is run by people who hate games and see only dollar signs. And the marketing department follows that pattern. Think of the boss in the CTRL series. That’s pretty much the stereotype there. But Bioware games are also not the easiest to market. Mass Effect is a sequel to a highly rated but underwhelming game. And Dragon Age tries to go where every game in the last few years has gone before. Both are Bioware’s attempts to recreate their successes with the Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars IP’s into IP’s that they actually own. And that’s the sort of thing that the people who run EA get excited about, but is a lot harder to get audiences pumped up about. So here’s some Manson and blood spatter, bitch.

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