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BinkBink’s FUD Myths about the Orphan Works Act of 2008

It has come to our attention that some of you pesky artists and photographers are upset by Uncle Howie Berman’s wonderful Orphan Works Act of 2008. Some of you are even running around and screaming like chickens with your heads cut off OH NOES CONGRESS IS PASSING A BILL TO DEPRIVE US OF OUR LEGAL RIGHTS. So stop that nonsense at once. Don’t you know that the only people allowed to engage in alarmist copyright hysteria about congressional bills belong to the EFF? Good.

Now here’s why Uncle Howie Berman’s bill is so wonderful for everyone including creative people. (For the purposes of this post creative people will be defined as anyone with an unlicensed copy of photoshop who reads BinkBink and enjoys turning advertisements from magazines into steampunk by pasting cut out pictures of gears on them, see BinkBink 1/08/38).

Orphan Works is a major problem for publishers who want to distribute a lot of content without actually paying their creators anything. Also occasionally it’s a problem for site publishers who want to use really cool stuff someone else made without having to go to the trouble of who made it and what their copyright status is. The Orphan Works Act of 2008 from Howard Berman will solve all those pesky problems with a magic wand, some gnomes and an elf.

There is absolutely no truth to the fact that a registry will be involved or that there is any such thing as the Orphan Works Act of 2008. This is all FUD spread by big rich artists with an agenda to frighten you into not paying attention to what BinkBink is telling you. Howie Berman has only your best interests at heart this time, except for the other 99 percent of the time where his bills involve calling for the installation of orbital space stations around the earth to drop meteors on file sharers (which we at BinkBink oppose). So ignore the FUD and stop worrying and learn to love not having any rights at all.

P.S. Copyright is not a right but a privilege. Ha Ha.


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