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Bill Gates Goes into the Sunset

When Bill Gates departs shortly from Microsoft he leaves behind the world’s most powerful software company monopoly whose software has become ubiquitous and forms the base of the modern computer. A company he built up from little more than borrowed software and OEM job orders for IBM and Apple. He also leaves behind a Microsoft that itself seems headed for the sunset with another failed OS launch behind it, overshadowed in search by Google, facing a renewed threat Apple and Open Source, facing new monopoly wars and after all the effort spent destroying Mozilla via Netscape, faces a new Mozilla resurgence via Firefox.

It’s a good time for Bill Gates to leave, to walk in the footsteps of other corrupt monopolist titans and barons like Rockerfeller and Carnegie who tried to make the public forget about their abuses by spending their ill gotten gains on high profile charity projects, something Bill Gates will be doing via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Before he was a software wild child, Gates came from big money and from a high society crowd, after all his full name is William Gates III and he can look forward to time spent in his mansions, society dinners and various fundraisers. Meanwhile Microsoft has become a sinking ship.

Like the Titanic, Microsoft seems too big to sink, but its own design flaws have introduced flaws that have doomed the company should it ever hit a genuine iceberg. Its ill fated attempt to take over Yahoo, a venture now backed by greedy investors like Carl “Buy Em and Sell Em Off” Icahn, may well be that iceberg. But even if it isn’t, Microsoft has been slowly sinking for a while now. Its OS is outdated and the clock is ticking for the moment when a Linux OS begins seriously hammering Windows the way Firefox is hammering IE (contrary to the wishful thinking of Linux devotees that really hasn’t happened yet) and Microsoft continues to lag behind when it comes to online apps and the search business. Good bye Bill. Good bye Microsoft.

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