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Big Bang Theory review

Considering how much luck Chuck Lorre has been having on television lately, it’s not too surprising that the secret of Big Bang Theory’s success is that it’s basically a remake of Frasier with science and nerdy obsessions substituting for psychology and upper class pretentious culture. It’s a better fit than you might think and Jim Parsons makes a dead on Niles but without Niles’ soulful obsession with Daphne, subbed for by Rules’ Kaley Cuoco as an aspiring actress who lives next door to them. Frasier made the pretensions of upper class social climbers seem charming and funny and Big Bang Theory often manages that for science and fandom because its writing speaks the internal language of the obsessed as well as Frasier’s did. Anyone can make fun of stiffs or geeks but the real jokes come from the stiffs and the geeks themselves and Big Bang Theory does more than make fun of nerdy obsessions, its jokes are insider perspectives on everything from videogaming to collecting miniatures to pointless web networking obsessions to the esoteric pointlessness of theoretical physics in the first place.

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