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Ben Silverman Finally Gets Fired

Ben Silverman, the golden boy who was supposed to save NBC, finally got fired. And all he had to do was destroy NBC to get fired. There were the disastrous remakes of classic shows such as Knight Rider and Bionic Woman that scored high ratings on their premieres and then sent audiences fleeing en masse from the tidal wave of the suck. These were shows that should have killed, but instead were built to bore. I could hardly get through the Bionic Woman pilot without falling asleep or wondering what the hell was going on. Knight Rider was a little better but not much. Then there were the ridiculously literally shows, Crusoe, Kings, Merlin, that had no actual audience on NBC, though they might have performed on AMC or A&E. Then of course there were the Australian sitcoms that translated to America about as well as a kangaroo running for office would. There was the unwatchable Office spinoff, that turned out not to be a spinoff, with the unwatchable Amy Poehler as the lead. And does anyone really need to mention the horrifying idea of giving Rosie her own variety show in Prime Time, an idea that would have been terrible even back when people under 60 actually watched Variety Shows? No I didn’t think so. Good luck Ben, and good night.

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