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Being Human

Being Human isn’t on the SciFi or SyFy Channel, because it’s a remake of a fan fave British series. That’s probably how it came to the attention of SyFy bosses. But it’s a high profile launch because it’s tangentially relevant, but only in a way that attracts people who wouldn’t watch actual Science Fiction or fantasy.

Take the pitch, a vampire and a werewolf, two things that are hot right now thanks to Twilight, in a sitcomy situation with a girl. It’s almost like there’s nothing genre about it, except in a way that attracts the teenage girls who wouldn’t otherwise give the show the time of day. Like so much the SyFy Channel does, Being Human is badly shot, badly acted and badly lit. It looks cheap, it feels cheap and it’s a minimal hit.

SyFy didn’t spend money making this show. It spent the money promoting it. Look around and you’ll see more ads for it on every corner. That’s how they got the ratings. Whether they’ll be able to keep them is another story. The viewers they want the most are the viewers who stick around the least. I couldn’t make it through more than a few minutes of the Being Human first episode. But I don’t matter. And the Vampire Chronicles viewers are not going to be in this for the long run.

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