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Behold the Murderous Rage of the iGeeks

Most AT&T stores are expecting less than 40 iPhones per store upon launch, according to information provided by financial services firm WR Hambrecht + Co as seen by AppleInsider.

Well Apple is once again cynically creating artificial shortages to ensure long lines, panicked shoppers and scammers buying up as much as they can to resell on EBay. That strategy didn’t work for Microsoft with the X-Box 360… at least not much. It didn’t work for Sony with the PS3 but they don’t have what Apple has– a fanatical legion of worshipers that can be reliably depended on to claw each other’s eyes out for the privilege of buying an overpriced and an overrated non-3G phone that may or may not be any good– as its first adopters will be the first to find out.

But on the bright side, the rest of us won’t need to spend 1200 dollars to watch iGeeks beating each other over the head with their iBooks and using their iPods as throwing darts while trying to strangle each other with the trademark iPod earbuds. It’s good clean fun and there can be lots of hair pulling expected too as they battle to be the first to buy and then 24 hours later return their defective iPhone back to the Steve Jobs which spawned it.

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