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Unless you’re excited about J.J. Abrams idea of casting Felicity’s Kerri Russell as a Klingon, there’s not much coolness to be had in the Star Trek Universe these days. My view of the upcoming Star Trek movie is basically a shrug. Like Enterprise, I don’t recognize it as part of Star Trek canon and think it might be cool or not but it’s simply not doing anything to move Star Trek along.

After Enterprise much of the hype migrated to Battlestar Galactica, whose coming demise will at least hopefully free up room for some SciFi that isn’t well you know–retarded, doesn’t star Kevin Sorbo or consist entirely of dysfunctional relationships.

And for those giving up on betting that it might be Star Trek, the occasional glimmer of coolness does shine though. Witness this. A full on Star Map of the Star Trek Universe. If anything with this level of detail has been done before, I haven’t seen on it. Go to his site. Click on the ads and get ready to get blown away.

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