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Battlestar Galactica Winds Down

Since Battlestar is so highly rated, was there any pressure from Sci Fi to try and drag it out for a fifth season or beyond?, E!’s Watch With Kristin asks.

You have to wonder in which alternate universe Kristin is living. Battlestar Galactica’s ratings in its third season have been downright terrible and slipping.

I understand that the first episode of season four will be a two-hour prequel?

Eick: It’s two episodes that are not really a part of the fourth season and are not connected to the cliffhanger where we ended season three. Essentially, we were approached by home video who expressed an interest in releasing a couple episodes on DVD for domestic and foreign distribution. As we talked about them internally, there was no way to pick up the cliffhanger in that form and we would preserve that for the official beginning of the fourth season. So the way that made the most sense to us was to go back in time. Not before the series began, but back a season or two ago, say, the second season of the series and tell a story then. We found a way to connect the events of that story to thing that’s will happen in the fourth season and it sort of sets up things that will happen in season four.

So basically in the name of a business interest, Eick and Moore decided to cash in by resurrecting the corpse of Admiral Caine and dragging the actress back for a two part flashback along with the deceased Pegasus. Granted, despite being somewhat evil, Admiral Caine was at least competent, unlike the Adamas and got the job done minus the constant soaps. And as for being evil, in Bloody Hands, Admiral Adama demonstrated that he was willing to be just as ruthless and evil as her.

Moore: I don’t want to be that definitive about it, but the show has always been about the search for Earth and I think to end the series without getting to Earth or a version of Earth or something we call Earth or at least someone saying earth would be unsatisfying. So it will definitely figure into this years storyline.

Funny how Ron Moore was bashing Voyager for the whole ‘return to earth’ deal only to helm a show with the same exact premise.

Is SciFi still considering Caprica or has it passed on it?
Eick: I don’t think we know the definitive answer for that. It’s not on the immediate front burner, but I don’t think anyone has said to us that it is definitively dead. And we continue to hope that there will be an opportunity in the forum and a programming need for it.

Translation, SciFi doesn’t want Caprica and couldn’t be paid enough money to take Caprica. Not unless you retool Caprica to involve spaceships and attacking Cylons. Not some idiotic legal drama like the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 finale. No one wants to watch Ron Moore’s The Practice in space for crying out loud.

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