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Battlestar Galactica: The Soap Opera Continues

On this episode of Battlestar Galactica, we can pretty much forget about the Cylons and the menace of it all. No instead on this episode of Battlestar Galactica, as on so many previous episodes of Battlestar Galactica, we can be treated to more characters blowing up at each other over petty personal reasons?

Kara and Lee have an unrequited love triangle? Lee and his father are fighting for no particular reason? Kara and her marriage is in trouble? Lee’s marriage is in trouble?

Why even bother, you know with the whole space and machines and survival of humanity thing when you’ve got such “incredibly compelling” material at your disposal?

Of course with Kara temporarily indisposed, Lee will have to throw twice as many tantrums to compensate for the mess. So instead of seeing an episode, finally, that focuses on the traitorous President of the colonies who’s been imprisoned for a while now, we instead get The Son Also Rises (one of the world’s lamest puns) with Lee letting himself be used like the world’s easiest patsy. Surprised? No, not really. Because Lee, like virtually every character on the show, possibly barring Chief, has the common sense of a jackrabbit who’s taken multiple blows to the head.

It’s really a demonstration of how little concept of priorities the show’s writers have, when Baltar and a Cylon are sitting in a cell on board the ship and going all but ignored. It’s why Dirty Hands was so brilliant, because it actually focused on the show’s neglected premise, rather than more of the KaraLee show, or yet more slow motion shots of a character being miserable or hallucinating people who aren’t there.

For everyone who wanted Ron Moore to run Voyager or Enterprise, this is what you would have gotten. You thought those shows under Braga were bad? Imagine them under a guy who thinks the height of storytelling is a character lying in bed, having flashbacks to sex scenes and finally going off to kill herself. It’s called the artsy theater downtown showing every lame bad 70’s and 80’s art film cliche in the book.

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