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Battlestar Galactica Razor Review

With the hype for the release of Battlestar Galactica Razor which involved theatrical screenings in movie theaters you might get the idea that Battlestar Galactica Razor is meant to be a movie. It certainly has some high quality shots of the ship interiors and some of the battle scenes aren’t bad special effects wise (though others make me think of Wing Commander 4), Battlestar Galactica Razor is no movie, try an extra long and extra tedious episode.

Pretentiousness has a certain quality on Battlestar Galactica, usually it’s an in depth examination of the poor choices people make accompanied by sonorous music. Battlestar Galactica Razor scores on both points. Basically BSG Razor features a flashback of Major Shaw’s time with Admiral Caine inside a flashback that takes place in the ‘present day’ which is itself somewhere in the second half of the second season apparently. The only way you could call Battlestar Galactica Razor a setup for Battlestar Galactica’s fourth season is by pointing to the ending that has a ‘haunting’ warning about Kara Thrace.

If Battlestar Galactica Razor was meant to examine Admiral Cain though, it fails miserably. Not only does Admiral Cain turn out to be the stereotype vicious lesbian, but she comes off as petty and incompetent. Her first attack commits the Pegasus to an obvious trap and she refuses to withdraw no matter how obvious the trap gets. She executes her XO, also Andromeda’s XO (which I guess qualified him for this role) and revenges herself on her lesbian cylon lover, who turns out to be Pegasus’ Number Six with a dye job, by having her raped and beaten, and then goes on to raid the civilian fleet for spare parts. Most of this comes off looking as incompetent and poorly planned, rather than the dedicated ruthless strategist she’s supposed to be painted as.

Written by Voyager’s story editor Michael Taylor and developed by Ron Moore, who dedicated his DS9 time to writing all sorts of “War is Hell” and “War Makes Us Do Bad Things” stories, it’s yet another exercise in self-absorption that really goes nowhere. It shows us three commanders, all of whom make bad decisions. Cain who’s brittle as an ice pick rather than the razor she pretends to be and overcommits and lashes out cruelly. Admiral Adama who’s over the top in cautiousness and Commander Adama who’s suddenly all too willing to toss aside Starbuck’s life and Admiral Adama who’s willing to let him, despite the fact that both men would go nearly nuts every time her life was at risk. So in the end Battlestar Galactica Razor is not worth the price of admission.

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