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Battlestar Galactica 4×08 Faith episode review

Last week on The Road Less Traveled the ongoing tension aboard the Demetrius commanded by Kara Thrace came to a head as Helo led a mutiny against her decision to head for the Battlestar. This week on Battlestar Galactica 4×08 Faith it explodes as Anders unexpectedly races to her defense shooting Felix Gaeda in the leg and after a lot of gun waving and Helo shouting “Stand Down” every 3 seconds, the already split up crew splits up again as Kara, Athena, Anders, Redshirt pilot and Kara’s friendly neighborhood Cylon pile into a Raptor while the Demetrius overseen by Helo sits around waiting for them until the last second.

By this point the Demetrius under Kara Thrace has lost a crewmember in just about every episode where it’s been the focus and Battlestar Galactica s4e08 Faith is no exception as a Six who recalls being killed on New Caprica in turns kills leading to a sentimental scene as humans and Cylons face off at gunpoint until another of the sixes kills the murderous six, but not before a kiss that fulfills the creepiest of Battlestar Galactica fanboys’ fantasies of seeing Tricia Helfer make out with herself.

Where can the episode go from here? Well first to the President suffering from cancer who encounters Nana Visitor who has more cancer than she does. They talk, they bond over their mutual bad makeup and Laura Roslyn has the cliched vision of death with family on the other side that now convinces her Baltar may be right about god. Meanwhile on the damaged Battlestar Kara tries to communicate with the Hybrid in the usual way. An Eight dies. The great hybrid mind in the bathtub finally tells Kara the way to go is to unbox Deanna which worries Anders who happens to be one of the final five. After two completely unnecessary countdowns desperately trying to build some tension in the episode, the Battlestar arrives setting the stage for the next two part episode, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Uhh Cylons?

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