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Battlestar Galactica 4×06 Escape Velocity episode review

Written by Buffy writer Jane Espenson and directed by Olmos himself, with Battlestar Galactica s4e06 Escape Velocity, Baltar makes him inevitable transition to Jesus, being martyred with a few blows from a guard’s rifle, after the President does her usual overreaction and bans assemblies, turning Baltar’s group into martyrs. Apollo manages to save Baltar a second time, earning him a spot right after Baltar on the list of people on Battlestar Galactica who should be shot if anyone on there had any common sense. But of course they don’t.

Meanwhile, true to BSG fashion, Chief deals with Callie’s death by going on a bender and staging a confrontation with Admiral Adama that gets him demoted. Tory teaches Baltar a creepy ideology about the perfection of man that doesn’t require any actual self-improvement. At this point she’s the only Cylon around who’s actually menacing anyone and she’s doing it in classic soap opera style. All the while Six delivers long speeches about her love for Baltar and smacks the good Cylon Colonel Tigh around before making out with him.

Once upon a time Battlestar Galactica used to involve the Cylons. Once upon a time they used to be menacing enemies. That was then. These days half the crew are Cylons and no one much cares and the actual Cylons are busy fighting among themselves. The show dedicates itself to the screwed up behavior of its crew, much of which is self-destructive. Unaccountably, despite all that Baltar has done, the Quorum, Apollo and all the gang are perfectly willing to let Baltar return to power and only the President seems to care. Admiral Adama, who we are reminded in this episode was willing to line Callie up against the wall and shoot her to force refueling, lets it all go.

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  • skorsky April 29, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    I came here to vent, directed by google search “bsg sucks” or something to that effect.

    I cannot believe that a show this bad is still on TV. I guess I should have been warned when non-scifi enthusiasts told me they liked the show.. Of course! There are hardly computers around, no high-tech, there are real bullets, human looking Cylons and in all angles that matter, are human, so the show is hardly scifi!

    Also, the drama is tiresome. The fantasy angle is very boring and to tell you the truth, botches the scifi angle.

    Here is a first review from AICN

    I agree with every word of it

  • O_Deus April 29, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Wow Harry got one right, what a link, this was before AICN began praising anything BSG put on screen

    there’s hardly any SF in it

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