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Battlestar Galactica 4×05 The Ties That Bind review

In BSG’s 4th season, 5th or 3rd episode, depending on whether you are counting Razors or not, things look grimmer and glummer as usual. This time out the Cylons are tearing each other apart with humans trying to do their part, except there really are not very many humans left anymore and with one more of them biting the bullet in BSG S4e05 and one more missing Cylon out there, we’re going to be short on humans very fast.

While Starbuck is out in the Demetrios searching for Earth, without a clue apparently, Adama has sent along Halo, Boomer and a bunch of other high profiles to keep her company. This seems a little strange for a wild goose chase and one on a ship carrying only two fighters anyway. The reporters who pop up now and then seem a little obsessed with the Demetrios, even though there is nothing interesting about it. Considering that Admiral Adama has shown the power to impress people into labor on the fuel ship, you have to wonder why he doesn’t begin impressing useless reporters.

Adama Jr aka Fat Boy meanwhile is annoying people on the council. While The Chief is hanging out in bars with Tory, who fresh from her experience having sex with Baltar, turns evil, destroys Chief’s and Callie’s marriage and finally murders her. Which would seem to suggest that the final five are just as evil as the regular kind. Finally the good Brother repays the Centurion massacre with another massacre, wiping out the council, outside of a resurrection ship’s territory.

Isn’t it nice when everyone gets along?

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