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Battlestar Galactica 4×04 Six of One episode review

At some point, perhaps in imitation, perhaps after Babylon 5, just about every Science Fiction TV show, from DS9 to Andromeda to Battlestar Galactica, fell into the template of turning Science Fiction into religion and Six of One is a good demonstration of the fallacy of that approach and the way it transforms the larger amazing mysteries of the universe into the smaller dramas of faith and belief, the kind of smaller mysteries that dominate Battlestar Galactica S4e04 Six of One.

Battlestar Galactica 4×04 Six of One contrasts the conflict on Battlestar Galactica over whether to believe Starbuck with the conflict on the Cylon Basestar over whether to believe the Raiders or to lobotomize them, but really only one of those conflicts is interesting and it’s the one that ends in a new Cylon rebellion. It never made very much sense to have a machine rebellion, dominated by virtual humans over unthinking machines. Six of One takes a small step toward reversing that when the council fails, the old Boomer comes out on the side of lobotomizing the raiders so they can fight the humans and in response find the Centurions freed from their own restrictions and turned loose for a killing spree.

Meanwhile back on the old battlewagon, Admiral Adama goes through his usual bout of temper tantrums, drinking, pouting, arguing and finally conceding, as he first slams around Starbuck in her cell and then finally frees her to fly away on a garbage scow on a quest to find Earth. It’s about where we expected that storyline to go, with Starbuck off on another quest, and everyone fumbling toward Earth, too busy fighting each other and their own doubts to do anything but wallow in their own personal mini-dramas. No wonder the era of TV SciFi shows with mass appeal is over. After all people can get their soap operas from… actual soap operas.

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