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Battlestar Galactica 4×01 He That Believeth in Me episode review

Battlestar Galactica finally returns from its long hiatus with its 4th season opener S4e01 He That Believeth In Me. As is usual on Battlestar Galactica the religious symbolism is far from subtle with Kara Thrace returned from the dead with a vision guiding them to Earth that no one will listen to while the despised Gaius Baltar huddles with a mostly female cult in a hidden chamber dedicated to the worship of him that allows him to connect to God.

By the end of Crossroads Part 2, Baltar was free but reviled and Kara Thrace had returned with a messianic message. By the end of He That Believeth In Me everything has been flipped around again with Baltar in the messianic role and Kara Thrace, suspected and reviled and seemingly on the verge of assassinating President Laura Rosyln, not that anyone would actually mind.

In between the Cylon ambush of the fleet destroys a ship with 600 on board and brings the entire fleet close to devastation, until a Cylon eyeballs Anders literally and gets a red recognition glow back from him, proving that ordinary Cylons seem to recognize the final four, while Boomer seemingly does not, but Number Six senses their closeness. Paradoxically while Kara is suspected of being a Cylon, half the ship is actually being run by Cylons until we get right down to the absurdity of Anders telling Kara that his love for her wouldn’t change whether she was a Cylon or not. Absurd because Battlestar Galactica has traded away what little of its premise was left for a feel good “It doesn’t matter if we’re killer robots or not, as long as we love each other” conclusion.

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