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Barbara Walters Too Good for Paris?

“Look, I’ve done prison interviews before, but people like the Menendez Brothers were really important news stories,” said Barbara Walters. “This wasn’t. And even though I’d already written my questions, when all that pay-for-play stuff happened, I suddenly felt this was not up to my standard. It . . . felt . . . sort of . . .Tawdry. The whole thing somehow was beneath me. Besides, it was a no-win. If I did a tough piece and her tears started to flow, it would be, ‘Oh, there’s Barbara Walters making people cry again.’ Too soft, and I’d be criticized.”

Oh please. Is the host of The View who has had no reluctance doing any celebrity interview no matter how aimless and who these days is best remembered for sitting to the left of that crazy fat woman who thinks the government was behind 9-11, suddenly developing scruples?

Barbara Walters once used to do interviews with world leaders. Today Barbara Walters does Oscar specials. Today Barbara Walters is better known for her daytime show in which she and a bunch of disposable and crazy co-hostesses do their own brand of creepy girl talk, occasionally interspersed by conspiracy theories about the government.

I don’t think anyone would care if Barbara Walters was too soft or too hard because no one takes Barbara Walters seriously as a journalist or in any other sense. And what is there to be hard or soft about in the interview anyway. So you drove with a suspended license. So you went to jail for a few weeks. Boo hoo.

The real reason Barbara Walters passed likely had to do with price rather than any faint vestiges of self-respect she had long ago left behind in the ethically and morally sterile desert of network television.

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