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Bad Week for Geek Favorite Showrunners

David Greenwalt is no longer showrunner of the CBS Vampire PI TV series Moonlight and Veronica Mars Rob Thomas is off Gossip Girl, all in one week. It’s definitely a bad week for geek favorite showrunners.

David Greenwalt, who had been half the brains behind Angel, had been about the only reason anyone was interested in Moonlight, one of the shows in CBS’s increasingly wacky new season. He left citing health problems which may mean he has actual health problems or is a cover for creative differences or other sorts of tensions on the show which is well known can give you health problems too. I’m not close enough to the situation to have any idea.

Either way it’s two disappointing bits of news for anyone hoping that David Greenwalt and Rob Thomas would be producing worthwhile material next tv season. Oh well. Joss Whedon is still stuck doing comics and a possible horror movie. Granted his comics are worthwhile but we would still miss him on TV. Now with David Greenwalt and Rob Thomas out of the picture, the new season is looking bleaker than ever even without the black and white.

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