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AT&T Takes an iPhone Sized Bath

You almost have to feel sorry for AT&T. In the much ballyhooed iPhone rollout, Apple as usual has gotten the lion’s share of the good press while AT&T has been stuck with the fallout, forced to deal with a variety of critical stories from iPhone availability, customer service, monster bills and now a wave of iPhone unlocking hacks.

AT&T was already struggling with disappointing sales of the iPhone now has to face a reality in which more and more iPhones will be unlocked from AT&T’s pricey plan to other carriers while Apple seems to be doing little to intervene. Apple knows quite well that getting in the way of the hack the planet crowd is bad publicity and it’s better to lose out on some revenue from AT&T than to take a serious ding from its own core demographic, letting Apple pass the buck to AT&T.

Now AT&T’s worries that it made a really poor commitment to the iPhone, especially in the wake of the troubled Cingular acquisition, have to be driving some serious concerns over at the old death star HQ.

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