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Asia’s Space Race

With a lot of the technological heat on the Pacific Rim which is looking on track for fulfilling the whole The 21st Century Belongs to China routine, the launch of China’s own lunar orbiter is a good sign. For starters it gives China someplace to put its money, besides more weapons, and stimulates interest in genuine stellar exploration. Right now the US needs to be goosed with a reason to invest in space exploration again, besides Senator Hutchison sitting on a committee that oversees space so she can funnel the pork to her own district.

China preparing for a future in space and pushing competition with longtime Asian allies of the U.S. like Japan and South Korea should be a major incentive right there. Unlike the incompetent Soviet Communist space program or the current Putin backed drive to claim the arctic and the moon, China is likely to have a smart and practical and dare I say it even down to earth model for making a space based economy pay. That is something we should all be paying attention to.

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