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Arresting iPhone Users, the Beginning of a Positive Social Trend?

Passenger Says ATA Harassed Him For iPhone Use: An ATA passenger says he was harassed by a flight attendant, and almost arrested by police, for using an iPhone to watch a movie while on a recent flight to Hawaii., is the story and personally I’m all for it. I think most of us have become sick of the idiots who dropped 2 grand on an AT&T contract and glossy Apple gizmo who now feel the need to show it off to everyone to justify their giant waste of money and life.

The iPhone users remind you of nothing so much as the early cell phone users, the cartoonish Gordon Geckos who would obnoxiously take out their handset and begin chattering loudly in order to attract as much attention as possible. Look at me, I have a cellphone. Look at me I have an iPhone. Well with apologies to all the Justin Long clones in their hoodies, most of us could have iPhones too, if we had no common sense, no budgeting abilities and believed that the trendy gadget is a good substitute for a soul.

So I’m all in favor of arresting them. I’m in favor of arresting the guy who walks down the street with his iPhone held with the screen facing out, where he can’t see it but everyone else can. I’m in favor of arresting the idiot who practically holds his iPhone over his head while watching a movie. I’m in favor of arresting every idiot who boasts online how he bought the iPhone to look cool or even sexy, as if it was the metrosexual equivalent of a male bikini. Lock them up and throw away the key. You won’t even have to work hard for it. Just tell them their iPhone is now the iPhone classic and that they’re giving away the iPhone 2.0 in prison for only 10,000 dollars and their soul. You won’t have to round them up because they’ll be there in a flash.

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