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Are the Simpsons Writers Lazy or do they have parental abandonment Issues?

I ask that because in the 4000th season of the Simpsons the writers trot out another brilliantly original concept, no not recycling an old character from back in the days when the Simpsons was not just funny but could actually make you feel something besides a desire to change the channel, I mean the brilliantly original plot of reuniting a character with his or her long lost father/mother child.

Now to gauge just how badly the Simpsons writers and producers have abused this particular plot, let’s take a look back. Krusty the Clown is probably the worst example of this, as the writers wrote an episode where he reunited with his long lost writer, I mean father. That one was actually funny. Then they wrote an episode where he reunited with his long lost daughter, voiced by Drew Barrymore, an episode that ranks with the worst of the Simpsons (not that it’s a small box at this point.) If the Simpsons goes another few years, I’m sure they’ll reunite him with long lost mother who will turn out to be voiced by Britney Spears.

Homer was reunited with his long lost mother in one episode and his long lost brother in two more episodes. He was reunited with his long lost half-sister in another episode. In Homer’s Paternity Coot, Homer tries to find his long lost father. In Sleeping with the Enemy, Nelson is reunited with his long lost father. Julius Hibbert is Bleeding Gums Murphy’s long lost brother. Satan, I mean Ian Maxtone Graham wrote an episode where Rodney Dangerfield shows up as Mr. Burns long lost son. And that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg of redundant episodes. Meanwhile with Papa Don’t Leech, the Simpsons have just done yet another lost father episode. And no it isn’t funny.

So are the Simpsons writers just lazy or do they have parental abandonment issues?

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