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Are Comic Books Dead?

Sure the theaters are plastered with comic book movies. The Marvel and DC line are being thrown out into theaters all summer. But that’s just Hollywood’s desperation for IP’s to build blockbusters around. When WB bought DC and Disney bought Marvel, it was an IP sale. The studios would get properties. And what happens to DC and Marvel?

The comic book industry has been shaky for a while. And it’s only getting shakier. The average age for comic book readers is climbing. Many of the major titles are just not that accessible to younger readers. One in four comic book readers is over 65. Not exactly the image of the kid grabbing a comic from the rack and consuming it along with soda pop. Those kids are sometimes still reading comics, they just happen to be a lot older now. And the actual kids, much less so.

The industry is blaming the usual suspects. Piracy. Which might be a factor, but piracy hasn’t stopped the movie industry and games from having booming sales. But it doesn’t take much to see the real problem.

Comic books have the same problems as books and TV shows. Competition. Back when comic books emerged as a powerhouse, its competitors were black and white movies and radio shows. Now they’re competing against games and the mobile life.

Top that off with an industry that’s oriented to middle aged men. Comic books are expensive and involved. They cater more to older audiences than younger ones. Think of JMS’s bright idea to have Superman address the economic recession or the whole insane Batman Inc thing.

The levels of violence have been climbing, the dark stories and the gimmicks. Kill Superman, kill Batman, roll back Spiderman, then kill off Spiderman. It all smacks of desperation.

Comics connected with large audiences because they offered escapism and adventure. Now they offer addicts another issue to buy, read and then complain about.

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  • Herry August 15, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    actually not only comic book reading age has been changed but the reason near to me is change in reading habit actually people doesn’t want to read books now! the habits are changing now day to day and this is one of these habits unfortunately !!

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