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Apple vs Google

Apple striking down the Google Voice app for the iPhone is an obvious blow to Google’s plans, but it’s also one more demonstration that an Apple device will always be crippled and monopolized, a treehouse with no girls or rival applications allowed. Given the power Apple has proven itself to be every bit as ruthless and monopolistic as Microsoft, without learning Microsoft’s lesson, that a monopoly only exists until it goes out of date. Apple has made its bet once again on hardware, on being able to lock in people into its devices. Google meanwhile continues to bet on web applications. To fight Google, Apple will have to cripple its own hardware, but doing that will reduce the appeal of the hardware itself. A monopoly requires that you control everything that matters, while letting other people develop the baby shaking apps. But Apple only needs to make one mistake, to shatter its monopoly. And that mistake is building too much barbed wire, when what its customers want is freedom.

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