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Apple vs Google, Who Not to Root for?

With Android soon heading out the door to battle Apple’s slick iPhone software and Google’s Chrome browser launched based on the same WebKit engine as Apple’s Safari, the two companies are really competing on the same front for the first time. (Google had better hope that Apple doesn’t respond by launching its own search engine, especially since Google already has an Apple search engine). Of course for people who find both companies obnoxious, greedy, elitist and contemptuous of average users, it makes it tough to figure out who not to root for. Apple wins the sweepstakes by its arrogance, its monopolistic behavior and price gouging. Google gives away its offerings but makes users pay for them by giving up their privacy and repeatedly claims not to be evil, and then acts evil anyway. Google’s only real edge here is that it isn’t aiming for a hardware monopoly the way Apple is, and Googlers do believe in open source and software diversity. And maybe as with WW2 the only way to be safe from two elitist companies is to have them fight each other to the death. Go team go!

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