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Apple TV with an LCD

Well Goldman Sachs is reporting via the usual Asian leaks that Apple is planning two more iPhones, one an upgrade and one a 3G phone that should have say 5 seconds of talk time. But the real wacky news involves Apple’s attempt to try and revive Apple TV, the red headed stepchild of Apple’s product line, the one that no one wanted or wants and the one that was doomed to oblivion. Well just to make an expensive useless product more expensive and more useless, Apple will apparently be equipping Apple TV with an LCD display. Why? Who knows why. Apple TV should not need an LCD display but then again being a pointless and useless product that’s good only for the small number of people that will buy anything Steve Jobs put out, including the iRack and the iRan, I’m sure that they’ll be really thrilled to put out more money for Apple TV, now with an LCD display.

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