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Apple, the iPhone Dev Team and the iPhone Paradox

Apple’s legendary control over its hardware and software has always come at a price, exclusion and exclusiveness, the limited access also insured limited market, turning Apple’s products into a gated community and eventually a cult that was resentful of outsiders. By contrast the iPhone boom could not allow it to continue functioning as a gated community, no matter how much Apple might want it to and the latest blow by the iPhone Dev Team against Apple’s rigid controls is yet another sign of the fact that like the MPAA, the RIAA and the BSA, Apple’s battle for control is very much a losing battle. The very popularity of the iPhone creates the paradox that the more iPhones are sold, the less control Apple has over them. Citizenship brings the privilege of ownership just as ownership brings the privilege of citizenship. The rise in iPhone ownership means that more and more people want a say in what they can run on their iPhone and there are plenty of people out there like the iPhone Dev Team who insure that Apple cannot have the final word.

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