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Apple Strikes Back Against the iPhone Unlockers

Well Apple is issuing the usual boilerplate threat, centering around the whole iPhone jailbreaking story and warning iPhone users that if they dare to unlock their phone and escape the AT&T Death Star, the dreaded Apple software update will make their iPhones inoperable.

Of course the dreaded Apple software updates are busy hitting iTunes to insure you can’t use songs as ringtones, among other fun functional features. This is why I disable software updates by default on every program I have (Not Apple since I have an actual real computer not a toy one from Cupertino that looks really pretty and impresses the Emo chicks) and if a program begins malfunctioning, only then do I look into software updates. Occasionally this causes me some hassles but it prevents every company I buy software from, from controlling how I use it.

What’s that Adobe? You want to download another bloated update from Acrobat I don’t need while installing Adobe Bridge? No thanks, say hello to Mr. Firewall. He ain’t letting you through. Now sit right back down with the other programs and if I want you, I’ll call on you. Now that’s a user centric experience!

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