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Apple Plays Alarmist Over Boot Camp

Well count on Apple to do the one thing it does best, keep pushing the PARANOID button on the radar screen of its biggest fans and that button of course is marked as nothing else but WINDOWS DOMINANCE or alternatively PC HEGEMONY. This time Apple is paradoxically warning about its own Boot Camp in a rather odd statement.

Apple is conceding that its decision to include a utility in its new Leopard operating system that lets users boot Microsoft Windows could cause some developers to discontinue writing applications for the Mac OS.

In a report to investors released last week, Apple warned that the utility, known as Boot Camp, “may deter developers from creating software applications for Mac OS X if such applications are already available for the Windows platform.”

This is a rather paranoid position since while Boot Camp may enable some Mac owners to use Windows, it’s a long way from companies who have decided that their profit margins for Mac program sales are good to decide to discard them and just push Windows. Most Mac owners use Boot Camp for convenience and any software company that decides to jettison their Mac versions had better be confident that whatever they’re selling is worth a reboot.

The reality is that the watchword of program is convenience and if Mac users keep buying software for Macs there is no reason for this to even be an issue.

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