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Apple Gives Us Safari for Windows and Lots of Vulnerabilities

There is something mildly amusing about Apple pointlessly releasing its browser for Windows, driven by nothing more than an attempt to snatch market share it has no shot at in a marketplace dominated by Internet Explorer and Firefox. There’s something even more amusing when the browser promptly winds up being about as secure as a drunken homeless man’s ripped open pockets and is just overflowing with security vulnerabilities galore. Apple which has always snidely taken potshots at PC’s, now finds itself running off Intel and closer than ever to the PC market as its OS’s are increasingly running on PC’s and Windows is increasingly running on Mac’s while Apple finds itself trying to produce more software for the PC. Now Apple actually has to play with the big boys on an OS that’s targeted by every spammer, hacker and ukranian guy around. That’s not a pretty situation and it’s not a pretty mess. Apple had it easy posturing when it was playing with a system used to be a tiny 0.009 percent of the world. It’s a whole other game now. A whole other game.

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