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Apple Fights Too Many Battles

Between Steve Jobs’ campaign against Flash, his company’s aggressive pursuit of Gizmodo and the renewed debate over App censorship on the iPad and the iPhone, the company is fighting too many battles at the same time, and they’re taking a PR beating on almost all of them. Apple has gotten a partial pass in its battle with Adobe, mainly because few people even understand what Flash is, and it’s an area where Apple fanboys can show their pride. But the Gizmodo and App censorship battles are trickier because here Apple is slaughtering its own faithful. To Gizmodo, Apple products could do no wrong. The bias there has always been pro-Apple, but Apple has a way of hurting the fans who love them. And so now Gizmodo is in trouble for trying to provide a scoop on the next iPhone. And iPhone and iPad users are discovering the joys of being censored and of using carefully censored products. And the PR is not going their way. After the underwhelming iPad announcement and launch, Apple needed to bounce back. Instead Apple is visibly turning into exactly the kind of companies that people hate. The kind of companies that made them embrace Apple. But now the Apple looks more like the Death Star. Black really is their color.

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