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Apple Chooses Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Weeps

Well it’s a formidable move for a formidable competition, if nothing else Apple has a small piece of the personal computer market and functions as a trend setter. Apple TV 2.0 or similar devices intended as an iPod for the home can’t be counted out of the mix, which means Steve Jobs’ selection of Blu Ray is significant as much as it is inevitable. But then could Steve Jobs have chosen anything but Blu Ray? HD DVD may be the more practical choice but Blu Ray is certainly the shiny choice and Apple has always been all about the shiny, the incompatible elitist standard and Blu Ray nicely fits the bill. From a purely aesthetic standpoint Blu Ray clearly beats the rather pedestrian HD DVD standard and so the choice was always clear.

Of course since Disney had already committed to Blu Ray and Steve Jobs is the man on the board, this really isn’t a surprise from a practical standpoint. Disney movies are iTunes’ main offerings. Steve Jobs could no more opt for HD DVD than he could begin running Windows.

But the big picture is that Jobs has never been a fan of disks and cartridges in the first place. Apple TV has been about getting away from disks and considering what Blu Ray did to the price of the PS3 and the resulting Sony implosion alone would insure that we won’t be seeing any packaged Blu Ray drives on Macs or Apple TV 2.0.

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