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Apple Calling: Is Microsoft in Trouble?

With the launch of the new iPod Touch, Microsoft’s problems have expanded fundamentally. No longer is the Apple challenge posed by the iPod simply one of Apple’s bundled music sales and hardware being used to sideways promote the Mac (something that isn’t working anyway as Mac market share continues to drop) but the emergence of an Apple mobile computing platform. With a browser and applications, the iPhone and more so the iPod Touch which is a lot more likely to have broad acceptance than the AT&T ridden iPhone, represents a threat to Microsoft’s determination for OS supremacy. Microsoft has all but destroyed Palm Pilot’s own proprietary mobile computing OS replacing it with Windows CE but now Bill Gates faces the threat of iPod Touch’s own mobile computing platform, one that allows browsing and email and calendar, making it essentially a simple palm pilot. Right now Apple isn’t about to produce another Newton but it instead has produced a trojan horse that can genuinely lead people to Apple software and Applications. And Microsoft will need a lot more than the Zune to fight that threat.

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