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AP and the Blogs – Somebody’s Gotta Pay

To a lot of people the internet is the real land of the free, free stuff. From open source applications to TV shows and movies on Hulu to the contents of major newspapers whenever you want them, the internet is all about the free. Pay to get on and then eat all you want is the message. While the blogsphere has certainly not devoured mainstream media, mainstream outlets like the Associated Press are naturally less than thrilled at having their content appropriated free of charge, so are the papers. In the modern internet business plan, you don’t need money, you need traffic which you can convert into money. It’s a view that a lot of the major media outlets have slowly adopted, writing salacious headlines for Google News and adding Digg and Stumble buttons to their coverage and even those little Sphere thingies to let bloggers have their say on their site. The AP though slowly seems to be toying with drawing a titanic line in the sand, but as usual they don’t actually hav a clue what they’re doing. Meanwhile a blogging culture based on free stuff is not about to take the idea lying down.

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