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AOL Puts the Bullet in Netscape

The original OOB browser, Netscape still has that familiar nostalgia with its wheel and stars logo, but Microsoft managed to successfully crushed it and past Netscape 3.0, the browser became increasingly unusable. Netscape managed to deal Microsoft’s monopolistic ways a serious blow with a Senate investigation that temporarily brought Bill Gates to heel but in the end it didn’t help and Netscape’s last stop was a baffling purchase by AOL even though AOL already had its own disastrous browser. By the time it was all said and done, Netscape was more bloated than ever while Mozilla had reemerged from Netscape’s origins to successfully battle the Microsoft Internet Explorer behemoth. I have fond memories of Netscape, it was my first graphic browser and the only browser I used for the longest time. Somehow I slipped into using Microsoft Internet Explorer until Firefox came along to stomp Bill Gates back into the dirt. Now Netscape like Prodigy and so many standbys of the early popularized days of the net are gone.

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