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AOL Please Go Away

Please. I don’t know why AOL is still in business. There must be some kind of cash flow from somewhere, but it’s as if a telegraph company was still in business and trying to figure out its business model when it clearly isn’t going to happen.

AOL has tried everything from merging with Time Warner to putting out a ton of free services to buying the Huffington Post and putting the crazy right wing lady who facing too much competition on that front from Ann Coulter reinvented herself to become the crazy left wing lady in charge, and now talking about buying Yahoo. Sorry guys, Yahoo may be troubled but it’s not that troubled. Friendster isn’t that troubled. Somalia isn’t that troubled.

AOL still somehow has money and like a billionaire hanging off a cliff, it’s using that money to try and stay alive any way it can, before the last of its subscribers figures out they’re actually on AOL. But it just needs to go. Nothing they’ve done has worked. Putting Arianna Huffington in charge has been a disaster. Moving on Yahoo has freaked out Yahoo executives whose biggest nightmare is becoming the new AOL. Enough. Just turn out the lights and go.

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