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AOL Cutting 1/5th of its Employees

Well the fallout continues as AOL becomes reduced from a leading ISP to a portal trying to give away its services. It’s still amusing to remember how Time Warner, a company with a storied legacy merged with what amounted to an ISP for people too dumb to understand how to use the internet. Now AOL is dumping a lot of its employees in its internet services sector as it is increasingly giving up on training to retain its internet customers, especially in the wake of a backlash from its aggressive customer retention specialists and focusing on… what?

With one half of Time Warner, AOL in theory should have been perfect as a music industry launch but instead AOL is trying to give away email and backup, services everyone else is giving away and functioning as a portal, another area where Yahoo already has it beat.

The reality is that AOL existed only because of aggressive marketing at a time when the internet was poorly understood. Now when every cable company is selling internet, AOL lagged by failing to hop on any of the trends, from social networking to online music and video, except lamely and belatedly. And now AOL has written its own extinction order.

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