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Another Year, Another Zune

When most people hear about another Zune being released the question they will most likely ask is why bother. Particularly when this generation’s Zune is so weak compared to Apple’s iPod touch. Forget the whole touch obsession for a moment, all the Zune really has going for it at this point is FM radio, a commonly available feature, and the supposed ability to identify radio songs. At this point Zune showing up with a new generation is like the retarded kid in class showing up with a zipped jacket and proudly announcing that he’s learned to dress himself, even as the class is moving on to advanced Algebra. At this point the iPod touch boasts a 3.5 screen, games, wireless and a price not that far above the Zune. So what does that make the Zune besides retarded? Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happier than toast and pie to see a company take on Apple and win, but that company would first have to make a better product and making a better product is something Microsoft just doesn’t have the knack for, XBox fanboys notwithstanding. So again, another year, another Zune, but why bother?

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