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Angel Season Six is Coming

No I’m not reviewing the first issue of Angel Season Six, mainly because I don’t have my huge hands all over it. Angel Season Six After the Fall is coming as a followup to Buffy Season Eight which proved to be a major hit but then again Angel never had the fanbase Buffy did. Which is a shame which is a shame because in its own way it was just as good.

The difference is that Buffy Season Seven saw a certain amount of recovery from the painfully awful Buffy Season Six. It was far from perfect but it opened the door to possibilities. By contrast Angel Season Five came off the fantastic Angel Season Four which equaled Babylon 5 Season 4 for an amazing ability to tie storylines together into one unbelieveable bowtie. And Angel Season 5 was terrible. Really, really terrible.

So you can see why I’m not jumping with joy over Season Six. Especially since neither Joss Whedon nor Greenblatt are running it.

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