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Andromeda investigated by author Alan Dean Foster for plagirism of his work

Alan Dean Foster, one of SF’s major authors, had written a letter to attempting to gather information about similarities between his
works and Robert H Wolfe’s Andromeda.

“Alan Dean Foster Wants You!

A number of readers have pointed out specific similarities between my Universe of the Commonwealth books and the new Andromeda TV show. I would appreciate any mention of these, particularly when the “thranx” appeared on the show, when the “AAnn” were mentioned, and descriptions of the Wayism church. Comments may be sent to me at: Thank you.

Alan Dean Foster”

He also posted comments on the Andromeda TV fan board

Now we all know Andromeda was not really a Gene Roddenberry product, but rather a SciFi TV show created by Robert Hewitt Wolfe using the Andromeda name. But its exact provenance does raise some interesting questions.

Andromeda is of course cancelled and Robert Wolfe has moved to greener pastures and Zack Stenz is probably licking envelopes somewhere, but the question remains an interesting one, since it seems as if sooner or later another show will be churned out with the Gene Roddenberry name dishonestly stamped across it.

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