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Andromeda disposes of RH Wolfe and both its aliens in one episode

For those few who were still watching or remotely interested in this
train wreck, the last episode aired was the last episode Wolfe had
worked on before being fired by Tribune and was apparently
significantly rewritten.

It features the implementation of Tribune’s demands, which
unsurprisingly features the removal of the two aliens. RevBem says
goodbye via a holographic message at the beginning. They didn’t even
bother to give him a face to face sendoff. Trance is replaced with a
futuristic version of herself without the purple skin or the tail,
with human skin tones, a leather outfit with cleavage and martial arts
skills. In other words a Cleopatra 2525 charachter.

The actual story involves a ripoff of Voyager’s Shattered in which the
ship is broken into different timelines.

Meanwhile Andromeda is being whomped in the ratings by Mutant X and
Stargate SG1 and has lost as much as a quarter of its viewers.
Undoubtedly Tribune will assume that the only solution is to keep
dumbing the show down and turning it into a Mutant X clone, until it’s
as thoroughly ruined as Earth Final Conflict.

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