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And all the Mars Bars in the World

Veronica MarsAnd all the Mars bars in the world being dumped on the CW didn’t help. Veronica Mars is toast. Why this had to be dragged out for so long, I have no idea. Maybe to give the fans time to make stupid gestures like buying up Veronica Mars “The Bitch is Back” on iTunes and padding the CW’s pocket while generating some publicity. Of course as I’ve kept saying all along this was bloody well inevitable. Dawn Ostroff may say what she likes but it’s clear that Veronica Mars was on the outs with the third season and was genuinely disliked by the network at that point which mangled it and finally spit it up and destroyed it. Star Trek met the same fate once upon a time, also suffering a mangled and mutilated third season before being finally canceled. I don’t doubt that there’s some at the CW that might have wanted to keep Veronica Mars but I also doubt very much that one of them was Dawn Ostroff.

Now there’s discussions about a Warner Brothers Veronica Mars movie which could actually be pretty good, Brick style, assuming that Rob Thomas is given creative freedom and doesn’t go into PC overload.

But we’ll see.

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