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An Experiment in Sucking

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – Apparently determined to exploit the full comic potential of white boys attempting hip-hop, Jamie Kennedy (“Malibu’s Most Wanted”) shows up in comedy about a 12-year-old boy who lapses into a coma in 1985, only to wake up a grown man 20 years later.

In other words Jamie Kennedy does Tom Hanks in Big meets a SNL routine from 1985.

Seriously, you have to wonder what Jamie Kennedy was thinking. Nobody wanted to see Malibu’s Most Wanted. Nobody could be paid to see Malibu’s Most Wanted. For a brief moment in the sun, Jamie Kennedy, who had basically risen to some sort of fame through a minor role in the first two Scream movies had actually managed to get a show “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” which people actually recognized and began to show up as a catchphrase. Unfortunately Jamie Kennedy went on to beat it in the ground by doing the same routines over and over again till even WB viewers were sick of them.

Now with the Jamie Kennedy Experiment history– you have to wonder why Jamie Kennedy thought the way to go was by reviving his lamest and weakest character yet– a character whose routine had been beaten into the ground a thousand times over by 1996.

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